Strong Authentication

Granting access to the corporate network, is typically required by users anytime and anywhere. It does provide the users with flexibility and mobility, which is in many organizations expected of them. At the same time, it does create challenges for the IT department, as users passwords could be exposed to someone sitting next to you on the train, when waiting to board an airplane or any other public spaces.

Abuse of passwords is one challenge, but another challenge is to verify that the user logging on to a corporate server, really is the user he claims to be. Strong Authentication provides a multitude of techniques, which can help validate the users and prevent password abuse. The solution can be mixed with physical hardware tokens and software based tokens, all creating a certainty that the usernames showing up in the logs relate to the correct user.

We offer the following deliverables within this service:

  • Hotline Support: day to day troubleshooting and support
  • Professional Services: integrating strong authentication into your remote access service
  • Managed Services: a fully managed multi factor authentication service delivered from the cloud
  • Solutions: best of breed products integrated to fit your authentication demands



When things get complicated, we will support you and provide direct access to the vendor support.

Hotline is available via email, phone and the customer portal.Response time is defined by the SLA you attach to the agreement:

  • 8 x 5 x 4
  • 24 x 7 x 4


Analysis & Design
We have years of experience reviewing existing infrastructures, and providing optimized network designs. Take advantage of our Professional Services team that will support you doing your classic architectural tasks such as:

  • Enabling Strong Authentication for VPN Access
  • Integrate Strong Authentication for customer portals

Implement & Configure
If you buy the solution, we can do more than a simple Rack & Stack. We will support throughout the deployment and deliver a detailed set of system documentation.

Deployments are always performed by combining best practices from the vendor with our own experiences.

Typically we can estimate deployments beforehand and are delivered using fixed pricing. We have the following deployment options available:

  • Small: 15 hours
  • Medium: 50 hours
  • Large: 100 hours


We deliver managed services delivered as a cloud service.

Secu MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
No hardware or software required, simply enroll your users from Active Directory, integrate your VPNs, etc and obtain instant strong authentication.

A service that provides a secure, hosted and managed Multi Factor Authentication service. Choose appropriate tokens for your company: SMS, Mobile App, Email, Hardware Tokens, etc. (or a combination) and let Secu manage and operate the total solution. The deployment is as easy as 1-2-3 and requires no local hardware, so you can obtain a secure and reliable Multi-Factor Authentication for your infrastructure with very little effort.

Key Features:

  • Servers in High Avalability locations
    Fail– over inside the same zone
  • Automatic fail– over to other locations
  • 99,95 % SLA
  • Fully Managed and Hosted
  • SMS (Clickatell is used for MobileTransaction Services)

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Dynamic



Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) is the market leading multi-factor authentication service.

It will provide the following benefits:

  • Broad use case coverage, supporting VPNs, VDI, cloud applications, local network access and web portals
  • Broad integration ecosystem, enabling integration with any enterprise application using RADIUS, SAML 2.0, Agent or API
  • Increased user convenience thanks to frictionless authentication methods and federated login, which lets users log in to their cloud applications with their current enterprise identity
  • Easy migration from third party authentication solutions, enabling an incremental move from an existing solution whilst protecting organizations’ current authentication investments