Penetration Testing

A Secu penetration test simulates an attack on your systems in order to uncover the risks and potential consequences of an intrusion.

Our highly skilled experts will, within an agreed period, examine compliance with your internal security policies, including employee safety awareness as well as the company’s ability to identify and respond to security breaches.

We use several scanning tools combined with manual tests that aim to validate automated results and detect advanced vulnerabilities that automated scans do not find.

The execution of the penetration test consists of 3 steps:

We collect information about the agreed systems, networks or web applications and prepares manual and automatic scanning.

The test is performed over an agreed period of time where vulnerable applications are identified and weaknesses are verified.

After completing the test, we analyzes all findings and prepare the final report. The detailed report provides an overview off all security vulnerabilities founds within your infrastructure, and gives you practical and unbiased recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified.

We offer the following deliverables within this service:

  • Professional Services: apply our well-tested methodologies, tools and skills



Analyze & Design
We have years of experience reviewing existing infrastructures, and providing optimized network designs. Take advantage of our Professional Services team that will support you doing your classic architectural tasks.

Implement & Configure
If you buy the solution, we can do more than a simple Rack & Stack. We will support throughout the deployment and deliver a detailed set of system documentation. Deployments are always performed by combining best practices from the vendor with our own experiences. Typically we can estimate deployments beforehand and are delivered using fixed pricing.

We have the following deployment options available:

  • Small: 15 hours
  • Medium: 50 hours
  • Large: 100 hours

Review & Assess

We offer 2 types of penetration tests:

Infrastructure penetration testingA penetration test will simulate an attempt to breach your company’s security. By testing computer systems, networks or web applications, Secu Penetration Test finds vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Thereby vulnerabilities are discovered in time, confidential data is not lost and systems are not put out of operation. A Penetration Test can explore internal security policy compliance, employee’s security awareness and the organization’s ability to identify and respond to security incidents.


Goal-Oriented penetration test (Capture The Flag)When you want a more in-depth examination, our security experts perform a goal-oriented penetration test.  This test does not only identify ways to gain unauthorized access to your confidential data, but the security expert will also move across your infrastructure until we get to an agreed goal.