Strong Authentication

Granting access to the corporate network, are typically required by users anytime and anywhere. It does provide the users with flexibility and mobility, which is in many organizations expected of them. At the same time, it does create challenges for the IT department, as users passwords could be exposed to someone sitting next to you on the train, when waiting to board an airplane or any other public spaces.

Abuse of passwords is one challenge, but another challenge is to verify that the user logging on to a corporate server, really is the user he claims to be. Strong Authentication provides a multitude of techniques, which can help validate the users and prevent password abuse. The solution can be mixed with physical hardware tokens and software based tokens, all creating a certainty that the usernames showing up in the logs relate to the correct user.

Added Value

• Software authenticators
• Single-sign-on for applications
• Service and support

Key Features

• Provide strong authentication
• Integrates with a wide variety of applications and infrastructure devices
• Central management


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