Privileged Password Management

Organizations typically ask users to comply with complicated password policies, in order to achieve compliance and increase security. But what about the local Windows administrator account or the Linux root account ? These accounts are typically also covered by a corporate password policy, but are never enforced. Further most organizations will not be able to provide proper auditlogs with a complete history of usage of these privileged accounts.

This does create a paradox, where our most privileged accounts - the keys to the kingdom - are not as safely managed as the common and less privileged user accounts.

The Password Management solution, does help in several ways to achieve a higher level of security and at the same time reduce costs related to managing privileged accounts.

Added Value

• Multi-factor authentication of administrators
• Service and support

Key Features

• Securely manage privileged identities
• Audit reports, displaying rocksolid control over privileged passwords
• Adapts to existing workflows and business


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