Endpoint Security

Where is the weakest link in your infrastructure? If we ignore the human factor, it could easily be the endpoints (laptops, mobile devices, etc). They typically tend to run a multitude of applications and services, which in nature opens up the device for a high number of vulnerabilities than a closed down server.

Protection of endpoints have developed alot the past years, and the security solutions should now fight off malware, protect confidential information on the hard drive and much more.

With an Endpoint Security solution, you can implement market leading endpoint protection with the latest technology within malware protection. At the same time, the solution is easily expanded with disc encryption, thus protecting loss of confidential data.

Added Value

• Full disk encryption
• Detect illegal material
• Multi-factor user authentication and Single Sign On (SSO)
• Service and support

Key Features

• Virus protection on clients and servers
• Personal firewall
• Anti-spyware