Advanced Threat Detection

Detect and react on the threats that have passed your anti-malware, HIPS and firewall etc. The Advanced Threat Detection solution enables enterprises to detect and respond on advanced threats. With a unique signature-less approach it identifies previously unknown malware and compromises what other solutions fail to detect.

Gain endpoint visibility

Uncover potential compromises across all Windows hosts in the enterprise.

Detect advanced threats

Identify even the most advanced threats, including those that leverage zero-day exploits, and targeted, customized malware. A signature-less approach finds threats others fail to detect.

Obtain actionable intelligence

Detect and validate compromised machines quickly and correlate to other infected hosts across the enterprise.

Increase SOC agility

Gauge the magnitude of an intrusion and reduce incident response time in your Security Operations Center.

Added Value

• Endpoint visibility
• Service and support

Key Features

• Gain endpoint visibility
• Detect advanced threats
• Obtain actionable intelligence
• Increase SOC agility


>> RSA