Web Traffic Assessment

The Web Traffic Assessment is an on-site evaluation of the security issues and user activities on the Internet featuring the Blue Coat ProxySG. You will gain visibility into web traffic security issues, which could pose a threat to your company.

• Do you really know what your Internet link is used for?
• Are your users using covert channels (anonymizer services)?
• How much is instant messaging utilized in your company ?

Our Web Traffic Assessment can help you identify security issues and gain visibility on your internet usage quickly and easily.

Key Benefits

• Gain visibility of the Internet usage
• Detect compromised computers on the network
• Understand the traffic that could pose a risk to your company
• Discover covert channels and other web-based threats

Key Features

• Visibility of all web traffic
• Detailed traffic analysis
• Detect Peer-2-Peer file sharing
• User activity report
• Discover malware infected computers on the network