Web Application Assessment

Websites are subject to advanced database requests, dynamic modules, client logic and much more. All these features can be used to get access to backend servers, and collect useful information or conduct further harmful actions. Therefor attacks through websites are highly successful, and it is important to check the safety of those application on a regular basis.

Secu Web Application Assessment offers external scans of web applications in order to identify vulnerabilities in your web application, thereby you are able to take action before they are exploited. We use several different scanning tools, and on top of that, thorough manual tests to validate any automated findings and discover more advanced vulnerabilities that the automated scans did not find. Secu Web Application Assessment can be applied on any web application or website regardless of the platform and technology.

An accurate report with findings and recommendations is finally delivered and presented.

Key Benefits

• Pinpoint critical vulnerabilities
• Provides actionable reports and how to mitigate vulnerabilities

Key Features

• SQL injection
• Parameter tampering
• Cookie hijacking
• Password bruteforcing
• Broken Session Management
• Insecure Direct Object Reference
• SSL Encryption
• Cross-Site Request Forgery
• Outdated plugins