Agent-Based Cyber Threat Assessment

The Agent-Based Cyber Threat Assessment is an endpoint threat detection service designed to identify compromised systems. The service detects malware and toolkits used by advaned threat actors, that has not been removed by the existing anti-virus, investigates how it has entered the systems and how long it has been active. Secu uses ECAT from RSA for this analysis.Secu agent-based cyber threat assessment can reduce the time it takes to detect and remediate compromised machines.

The execution of Secu Agent-Based Cyber Threat Assessment consists of 3 steps:


Systems included in the analysis are scoped. Duration of data collection and analysis is typically two weeks.

Data collection

Agents are installed and the data collection is initiated.

Threat analysis

The results are compiled in a report and presented to the customer.

Key Benefits

• Discover the systems that are compromised, and why
• Increased visibility of endpoint activity
• Fast and reliable analysis
• Reduced incident investigation time
• Scans automatically when unknown files load

Key Features

• Unique signature-less approach
• Uncover the full extent of a compromise
• Monitoring and alerts in real-time
• Identifiy unknown malware and compromises that other solutions miss
• All findings are presented in a detailed report