Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is a service that provides securely hosted and managed 2-factor authentication. Choose appropriate tokens for your company: SMS, JAVA app, image, email etc. (or a combination) and let us manage and operate the total solution. No need to spent time and resources on hardware and software, to obtain secure and reliable user authentication.

Flexible and dynamic

Add different tokens. The solution is not limited to one type of 2 factor authentication.

Secured by default

The setup is based on security zones, and permitted traffic following "best practise". All servers are full disk encrypted (a service by Secu) as well as the traffic, using industry-stantard encrypted IPsec VPN. IPS on all servers. No sensitive personal data will ne stored outside your own company.

Cost effective

No cost on servers, modems, software and staff hours.


The Solution is provided through our own dedicated Virtual Data Center, which will guarantee maximum up-time.

Key Benefits

• Flexible
• Secured by default
• Reliable
• Cost effective
• Dynamic

Key Features

• Server in high availability locations
• Fail-over inside the same zone
• Automatic fail-over to other locations
• 99.95% SLA
• Fully managed and hosted
• SMS (Clickatell is used for Mobile Transaction Services)